David Bernstein
One of the most respected Program Directors and Program Consultants in the business. David has consulted some of the biggest names in the broadcast business as a Radio Talent Coach for not only broadcast, but also webcast and podcast talk show hosts. David has served as a VP of Network Programming, General Manager, Director of Programming, News Director, Music Director, and on-air personality on a great selection of networks and radio stations: WOR Radio Network; AirAmerica Radio Network; WOR – New York; WBZ - Boston; WRKO - Boston; WPRO - Providence; WTIC - Hartford; WDBO - Orlando; and many others.

In addition to his consultancy, David also serves as the General Manager of TalkersRadio & RadioInfo. And, as if that wasn’t enough, he’s also an Adjunct Professor at Caldwell University.

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Phone:  973 670 0906

Email:   david@bernsteintalent.com

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