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On Air Since:  2002
Syndicated Since: 2004
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Live 7x/wk - Mon-Sun
Length of Broadcast: 3 hrs
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*GCN 2 Free Talk Live
*GCN 2 Free Talk Live Saturday
*GCN 2 Free Talk Live Sunday

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Barter/ 6 minutes network, 8 minutes local, plus 6 minutes on top of the hour.

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Free Talk Live is entertaining, pro-freedom radio that your listeners have been waiting to hear! Program Directors have called Free Talk Live "smart", "cutting edge", "fun", "young and refreshing", "exciting", and "the next generation of issues oriented talk."!

Insurrection - n. The act or an instance of open revolt against civil authority or a constituted government.

Free Talk Live is "Talk Radio's Insurrection". It's an open phones panel discussion featuring hosts with a pro-liberty viewpoint heard nowhere else in syndicated radio. The listener is invited to "take control of the airwaves" and bring up virtually any topic. Free Talk Live encourages listeners to reject the red team / blue team mentality, question authority, and think for themselves.

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The Hosts

Ian - Starting as an intern at a rock station when he was 17, Ian cut his teeth in both music and news/talk for five years until late 2002, when Free Talk Live was born. Ian hosts the show and performs most of the behind-the-scenes duties including affiliate relations, webmastering, and engineering. He is a seasoned activist who formerly considered himself a libertarian, but has since embraced voluntaryism.
Mark - - With a practical, gritty edge, Mark has been on the air for nearly 20 years. Although he held office as a Republican for several terms, his politics doesn't always jibe with others that call themselves Republicans. Mark believes peace and human liberty are the best solutions to any problem and that the US has turned its back on these ideals. As a student of history and economics, he holds out hope that the US can return to constitutional restraints, but wonders when it is time to abandon the ship of state.

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