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On Air Since:  1995
Syndicated Since: 1995
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1x/wk - Sunday
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3 hrs
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XDS: Gun Talk
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Barter/ 6 minutes Gun Talk, 10 minutes local, plus 5 minutes on top of the hour. (No make goods required for hour(s) missed)

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Nationally-known firearms expert, television host and author, Tom Gresham, talks about gun safety, sport and recreational shooting, issues that involve firearms, interviews industry specialists, and takes calls from listeners from across the country. Weekly guests and occasional remote broadcasts from across the country and around the world.   More

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The Host

Tom Gresham - When I started the show in 1995 my goal was to be the reasonable voice in the gun debate. There are extremists on both sides of this issue, but the strident views and shouts from the fringes don't educate the public and they don't move us toward informed policy decisions. Iíve said it many times in my broadcast that I don't repeat the claims from the NRA (where I'm not a particularly popular person).
Data from the CDC, the FBI, the National Safety Council, and various law enforcement agencies tend to be factual and the most useful.

Iím often asked about mass shootings, and my message is always the same More

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