I am an American with long overseas residence – most in Thailand, and in the old days Thailand, Iran and Saudi Arabia – and not too long ago caught on to the Cigar Dave show coming out of Florida but I listen to it from a station closer to my own roots, WBEN in Buffalo, NY. A former smoker and having before celebrated the end of each work week with a great smoke, I don’t smoke now but really enjoy Cigar Dave. Not sure whether you consider it a compliment or not, but I put Cigar Dave right up there next to Car Talk in terms of unique, jargon/technical/general talk that fascinates and informs listeners, adding that it also makes them happy to be listening to the radio. Keeping that medium alive and vibrant as you have is commendable.

All the best,

Frank G Anderson
American Citizens Abroad country representative, Thailand

"The Cigar Dave Show was added to WPGB FM because the program fit our audience and it opened up a number of new categories of advertisers that we were never able to get on the station."

Dennis Lamme
Former President / Market Manager
iHeartMedia Washington, D.C./Baltimore

"You are to be commended on your efforts for producing one of the finest weekend shows available to radio!"

Gabe Hobbs
Gabe Hobbs Media
Tampa, Florida

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