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Filed in Podcasts on May.02, 2014
On Sunday evenings here in the Salt Lake City area, I look forward to spending a relaxing hour listening to “Extreme Genes, Family History Radio” a radio program/podcast hosted and produced by Scott Fisher. It’s found on our local KNRS AM/FM radio station (570 AM ) here at 6-7 pm, and has been since July of 2013.

The program is VERY WELL DONE! I’d say it’s the most professional and interesting genealogy radio program ever produced. Starting out with success here in the Salt Lake valley, Scott has been able to get the show syndicated through TalkShowsUSA, adding radio stations. Besides that, his podcast audience is growing quickly.
Scott came from the broadcast world, having been a morning radio show host for over thirty years, and in the industry since he was fifteen years old. In listening to Scott’s program, I was immediately impressed with his “radio voice.” There’s a voice sound that broadcast folks need to have – and Scott’s got it. He has worked in New York, Connecticut, Cincinnati, OH, and Miami, FL, among other places. But for thirty years in his spare time, he has been digging up his roots, publishing an item or two in journals, and authoring one book – NYC Methodist Marriages (Picton Press).

Currently the show is broadcast on:

•  KNRS in Salt Lake City (reaches into Provo and Ogden) KNRS (570AM/105.7FM) Airs: Sundays 6-7pm.
•  Stations in Alabama Huntsville WTKI AM/FM (1450AM/ 92.9 FM) Airs Sunday evenings 6pm-7pm; Decatur WEKI AM/FM (1490AM/ 94.3 FM) Airs Sunday evenings 6pm-7pm
•  Stations in southern Utah: St. George, UT & Mesquite, NV, KZNU (1450AM/93.1FM) Airs: Saturdays 11am-12noon; Cedar City, UT & Parowan, UT, KENT AM (1400AM), Airs: Saturdays 11am-12noon;
•  Idaho Falls, Idaho – Coming within a few days.
•  Denver, Colorado (with this station having a long reach into Boulder, Longmont, Greeley, Fort Collins, etc. KRCN (1060AM) Airs: Saturdays 9am-10am

On Mondays, the weekend radio show broadcast is released as a podcast. From January to April, they have seen over a four times increase in downloads. The show is available on iTunes, iHeartRadio, Spreaker, Tune-in Radio, and Stitcher. They just released the free Extreme Genes podcast app for Android last week, and May 1, their free app for iPhone was released!

Extreme Genes reflects Scott’s professional background as well as his passion . . . family history. He keeps it upbeat, fun, interesting, and inspiring. According to Scott, The best compliment he has received on the show so far is “Gee, I am not into family history and was certain this show would be boring. But it’s really interesting!”

I recommend the podcast to anyone who has the slightest interest in family history. Following is the link to the podcast section of ExtremeGenes.com: http://extremegenes.com/category/podcast-archive/

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