'Extreme Genes' Host Tracks Down Family
Of Murder Victim 32 Years Later

'Extreme Genes' Host Tracks Down Family Of Murder Victim 32 Years Later

April 6, 2015 at 3:54 AM (PT)


Syndicated "EXTREME GENES" host SCOTT FISHER is being credited with finding the family of a murder victim, whose remains were recently found in Utah after 32 years. NEW JERSEY native THERESA ROSE GREAVES, a then-23-year-old woman, disappeared from northern Utah on August 5, 1983. Her remains were found in February less than a mile from FISHER's home. When it was reported that all of GREAVES known next-of-kin were deceased, FISHER offered to assist the Davis County Sheriff’s office in finding living family. FISHER learned that THERESA was wearing a COLLINGSWOOD HIGH SCHOOL (NJ) class ring and used that information to locate a former classmate of from the Class of 1977 named DEBBIE VEEVERS. VEEVERS knocked on doors in GREAVES’ former neighborhood and located people who recalled that THERESA had lived with her grandmother and two great uncles. VEEVERS then obtained a few family names from the local courthouse on a 1973 document concerning the purchase of the house.

FISHER then used the names obtained by VEEVERS to track family members first to VIRGINIA and then to FLORIDA. After three long weeks THERESA’S uncle, JOSEPH GREAVES was finally contacted after FISHER located his daughter-in-law. From these contacts, it was learned that Theresa had a half-brother who was thought to be deceased. A few days later, the half-brother… very much alive… was located and notified in northern NEW JERSEY.

A GoFundMe campaign set up by VEEVERS and the COLLINGSWOOD HIGH SCHOOL CLASS OF 1977 has been raising money for a proper burial for THERESA, who will be buried next to her grandmother in Virginia. FISHER'S efforts have received a lot of attention!"


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