City Sues Talk Host For “Robin Hooding”

Free Talk Live host Ian Bernard, a.k.a. Ian Freeman, is part of a group of six citizens being sued by the city of Keene, NH for their practice of doing what has become known as “Robin Hooding” in their hometown. Freeman and his fellow Keene citizens — all reportedly associated with the Free Keene group — regularly patrol city streets to feed expired parking meters, leaving behind a card on the windshield that says, “Your meter expired, however we saved you from the king’s tariffs.” The card is signed by “Robin Hood and his Merry Men” and includes a suggestion to “please consider paying it forward,” giving an address where donations can be sent.

The city calls the group’s actions harassment and, according to New Hampshire’s Union Leader, wants the court to prohibit the ‘Robin Hooders’ from coming within 50 feet of parking enforcement officers “during the performance of their employment duties for the city.” Meanwhile, the self-proclaimed “band of merry men” claims to have prevented the issuance of some 4,000 parking tickets since their efforts began, and suggest that it’s not harassment, but lost revenues that are really behind the lawsuit.

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