Ten reasons why you should add
Free Talk Live to your lineup:

1. Time tested and stable: Free Talk Live has been independently syndicated since 2004. Our show has no debt and is profitable.

2. We’re flexible. Take as little as one hour or all eighteen. Run us live or delay broadcast. Whatever works best for your station is what we want.

3. 100% streamable: Yes, you can stream FTL. Some affiliates even fill their stream with FTL when other shows and sports prevent streaming! We make it easy, and it's free, of course, so just ask how.

4. 62% of talk radio listeners are neither Democrat nor Republican. We’re not either! (Source: TALKERS Magazine)

5. You want controversial programming. We’ll stir it up without pandering to the lowest-common-denominator or doing blue “shock jock” stuff.

6. You're tired of vacationing hosts and refeeds. Free Talk Live is live six days a week, and virtually never takes time off. We think your listeners deserve live content no matter what day it is.

7. You won't be "Savaged" by our easy-going agreement! We’re preemptible with no makegoods, and don’t require any ROS spots or mandatory outside-the-show-anything!

8. Women listen to Free Talk Live. With female callers given preference in our call queue and our Shrine of Female Listeners, women are welcomed and encouraged to participate with Free Talk Live.

9. Our P1 listeners tend to be very dedicated. They really appreciate our radio affiliates and are likely to tell others in your area to listen. We even give them fliers they can distribute to promote FTL on your station!

10. Ratings approved: See the top of the feature column to the right for details on our Arbitron successes with our weekday and Saturday shows on both AM and FM stations.

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Ten Reasons why you should add
Free Talk Live to your lineup


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