"We all know the economy is on hard times and that the sales departments at radio stations are always on the lookout for new advertisers... let's be honest here...always on the lookout for NEW MONEY. What we've seen over the last four years in the gun industry, are gun makers and gun shops that are thriving with double digit annual increases in sales. And it's not just gun sales, shooting ranges have seen huge increases in customers...including women of all ages. There are other potential advertisers that are doing great, and can (and should) be called on by radio AEs to get their share of NEW advertising dollars from and industry that's doing quite well."

     -- Tom Gresham

Potential Advertisers

Sporting Goods Stores
Gun Stores
Shooting Ranges
ATV Dealers
Truck Dealerships
Hunting Guides
Fishing Guides
Any business owned by an avid shooter or hunter who wants to support a balanced and reasonable voice about firearms ownership.

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