"Over the last few years, Tom Gresham's "Gun Talk" has emerged as the definitive voice of rational, responsible gun owners across America. It just makes sense that his program be heard on one of the most powerful radio signals here in the cradle of the American Revolution."

Phil Zachary
Former VP/Market Manager
WRKO, Entercom Boston

"Boston, of course, is steeped in American history, from the Boston Tea Party to the nearby Shot Heard Round The World. We're delighted to air Tom Gresham's Gun Talk --- a rational voice for gun owners --- on WRKO."

Bill Cooksey
Former Program Director
WRKO, Entercom Boston

"I recommend 'Gun Talk' to all the stations I work with. It's not unusual for the station to sell sponsorships before the show even debuts; and when it does it becomes 'appointment listening.'"

Holland Cooke
Program Consultant

"When I was Market Manager for WPGB FM in Pittsburgh, we added Tom Gresham's Gun Talk because the program fit our audience and it opened up a number of new categories of advertisers that we were never able to get on the station."

Dennis Lamme -- Former President / Market Manager
iHeartMeda Washington, D.C./Baltimore

"Gun Talk on a sports station seemed like a natural fit. The weekend talk shows tend to be recycled stories that have been beat up all week. This show fits our demographic, covers a topic always in the news, and has opened doors to a new set of advertisers."

Brian Jewett
Former General Manager
Team 1010, KXPS
Palm Springs, CA

"Gun Talk is the biggest no-brainer to sell here in South Texas - ranges, license providers, and training classes - we got 'em on the air. Tom Gresham cut us great liners and promos and he shoots straight too. God Bless Texas, the 2nd Amendment, and Tom Gresham's Gun Talk."

Baron Wiley
Salem, San Antonio, TX

Subject: 1230 news talk radio Waco, TX
To: info@guntalk.com
Hello Tom,
I just wanted to express my happiness that my local radio station is airing your show on Sundays. As a woman it is important that I stay current on the issues surrounding gun rights and it is equally important to understand all the in and outs of handling guns as well as newest additions to the market. You bring me peace of mind. Thanks! A listener.

Kristi Carlile

"We weren't quite sure if there would be a large enough audience for Tom Gresham's Gun Talk, but the first week we aired it, we found out...boy, did we find out. We received emails and calls from listeners thanking us for adding the show. There's an audience all right ...and then some. Now we're going to work on the advertisers out there that aren't on the air with us but we know will support a show like Gun Talk!"

Ramone Robles
Houston, TX

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