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The Money Pit Tip-of-the-Day Example

Sales Tip #1: Advertisers love "actuals". Ratings are only audience "estimates." One reason Internet advertising is EXPLODING is that advertisers are under more and more pressure for accountability. Thus the appeal of server traffic statistics, "actual" data. Once you've installed The Money Pit Tip-of-the-Day, you can monitor, and tout, how many page views you got for the page it's on, and how many click-throughs your local sponsor got, if you include a local sponsor logo and link.

Sales Tip #2: Put the Money Pit Tip-of-the-Day on your station's home page. That way, you'll have bigger server stats to tout. When you mention this to your webmaster, nonchalantly ask him or her to put Tip-of-the-Day "on our index dot HTML page." Then watch his-or-her reaction. Caution: Never say that at a cocktail party. If you do, attractive people will run in the opposite direction, and you'll end up surrounded by Bill Gates look-alikes!
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