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Author: Tammy Greenberg, SVP, Business Development, RAB
Lawn & Garden

24% of annual sales occur during the months of April/May

70% of $113MM category media dollars are spent during the months of March/April/May Radio historically receives 23% share

Advertisers include: Local lawn & garden shops/centers and farms, local hardware stores, national retail chains such as Lowe's, Home Depot, Ace Hardware.

Typical target audiences:
o DIYers - skews male
o Casual Gardener - skews female
o Outdoor decor skews female

Clients will respond well to an understanding of their business and consumer behavior in your specific market which you might find using the tools available on RAB.com like instant backgrounds, articles on demand, etc.

Some national insights include:

Customers choose to shop at independent garden centers (multiple answers):
o Healthy flowers, 74%
o broad selection, 63%
o knowledgeable and helpful staff, 60%
o close proximity, 45%
o unique flowers, 43%
o well-organized gardening department, 28%
o time efficiency (other items available at store), 19%
o unique arrangements, 12%
o price, 2%.

Based on a study by The Freedonia Group, U.S. demand for lawn & garden consumables, which include fertilizers, pesticides, growing media, seeds, mulch and other related products, was predicted to rise 2.4% annually from 2009 through 2014.

According to a survey by the National Gardening Association, 9 of 10 households believe it's important to maintain their landscapes in a way that benefits the environment. However, only 53% of households say they are knowledgeable about how to maintain their lawns and gardens in an environmentally friendly way. OPPORTUNITY for Radio and a local advertiser to educate about environmental lawn and garden care.

A late-2010 survey of garden center retailers asked the participants how extensively they were using social media to market their stores: The works -- Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, e-newsletters, etc., 50.0%; we're dabbling, with plans to expand, 35.7%; we're still in the "study" mode, 7.1%; not at all, 7.1%.
OPPORTUNITY for Radio to integrate digital and social elements to presentation.

Based on a survey of nursery growers, it is predicted that the following will sell best in the upcoming season:

o Herbs and vegetables, 57.7%
o ornamental bedding plants, 45.5%
o container perennials, 33.3%
o flowering potted plants, 33.3%
o plugs and propagation material, 12.2%
o woody ornamentals 11.5%; potted foliage, 4.5%
o trees, 1.9%
o fresh-cut flowers, 0.6%
o other 8.3%.

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