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As a Money Pit affiliate, like the Money Pit minute, there's NO national advertiser. Sell it locally, and YOU keep the money. Just paste a local sponsor logo next to it, and you're good to go.

There's new content on your web site every day, and The Money Pit crew does all the work. Your Tip-of-the-Day automatically updates. So you've got a more-compelling invitation for listeners to visit than lame "Check out our Web site" promo copy your competitor is airing.

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****Additional information regarding radio sales can be found at the Radio Advertising Bureau's web site.
Some sections of their site may only be accessed by members of the RAB. This link to the Radio Advertising Bureau's website is not an endorsement for this or any other program on the Talk Shows USA website and is intended soley as a service to help radio stations sell advertising.

Click here for the Radio Advertising Bureau Home Improvement Finding Consumer Trends Report.   Learn which demographics are the hottest prospects for home improvement sponsorship sales!

Click here for a sales presentation from the RAB for Lawn & Garden

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