“David has skillfully lead, nurtured, and developed on-air talent for both local stations and national talk networks. From my sales perspective, he was always very user friendly. He’s worked with legendary radio stations and Radio Hall of Fame Talent.”

David Ocar - Client Services Representative Five Star Professional

“I can think of a small handful of people who combine the array of talent David possesses. Starting with a foundation of clear and precise thought, David has shown a highly capable ability to understand the needs of his clients - both personally and professionally - and is endowed with a natural sense of what is required to create magnetic entertainment. His understanding of and contribution to the broadcast business is world-class.”

Dave Van Dyke - President of Bridge Ratings

“David is a humanitarian who cares more about the person than the format, he gave me another life and a gift of his wise counseling and friendship, there is no price on this guy's fellowship”

Joey Reynolds - Former overnight host WOR Radio

“David is the best with whom I've ever worked, bar none. He knows his stuff backwards, forwards and sideways and communicates direction exceptionally well. David also allows one to expand their own talent while guiding them in the right direction, too. My only regret is not being able to work with him longer. Excellent at coaching and developing talent even when there is little evidence of talent.”

Dan Masucci

"David Bernstein is a hands-on guy who understands both theory and practice in radio programming. He's not mired in dogma and simply takes what you've got--what you bring to the table--and makes you the best you're willing to be. I've known David through gatherings of the radio industry for decades, and I've always been very grateful for his empathy and honesty."

Jim Bohannon - host of The Jim Bohannon Show

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