"Jim has a unique way of taking his listeners to the heart and spirit of entrepreneurialism. He lifts up entrepreneurs and speaks to them on a level that can only be achieved by one who knows the world of small business."

Steve Forbes,
President and CEO

Mr. Skip Joeckel
Talk Shows USA
Colorado Springs, CO

Dear Skip,

Jim Blasingame, The Small Business Advocate is a must for any Talk station that understands the importance of its entrepreneurial listener base. No other format speaks directly to the small business owner. So, doesnít it make good sense to have at least one program that addresses their concerns? Jim more than fills the bill. Even non-business types can benefit from his insight and highly relevant lineup of expert guests.

At a recent lunch-and- learn event for WTKI & WEKI Jimís discussion of this ďAge of the CustomerĒ was jaw dropping for more than a few small business owners. We canít wait to get him back for another visit.

This program talks to your customers about their customers. What could be more timely?

Thanks for turning us on to the show.

Fred Holland
General Manager
Focus Radio Communications

FRC of Alabama, LLC D/B/A Focus Radio Communications (256) 533-1450 Fax (256) 551-9865

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